In 1992 Masters of the Chainsaw was formed to provide professional representation for chainsaw carvers in the business of carving performance art.
The original founders of Masters of the Chainsaw are Steve Blanchard of Monterey,California,and Brian Ruth of Hartsville,Pennsylvania.
The two sculptors met at the Winternational Chainsaw Carving Competition in Tampa,Florida.
Brian took a first place and Steve took a second place.
Having similar views on the art of chainsaw carving, a strong desire to have carvers represented correctly and need due to increasing demand for thier skills two carvers made Masters of the Chainsaw official in November of 1992.
Steve Blanchard would handle carvers on the West Coast and Brian would handle the East Coast.
In 1995 due to increased demand at his full time studio and shop,Steve asked to be relieved of his duties to Masters of the Chainsaw and properitorship went to Brian Ruth.
His wife and partner,Jen has since teamed up with Brian.
Together they continue to place the best artists at various events around the world.
Masters of the Chainsaw main focus is the representation of only the finest professional chainsaw sculptors.
The venues they seek are Fairs,Festivals, hardware store grand openings,as well many other promotional events.
The carvers they seek to represent are the very best performance chainsaw artists in the world.
The carver's artistic ability and speed are not the only criteria they must meet to be one of Masters of the Chainsaw.
They must be of the hightest degree of professionalism and of a personable nature befitting their position.
In 1992, Masters of the Chainsaw had only 5members that fit their high demands.
Today Masters of the Chainsaw carvers number over 13 exclusive members and 40 part time members.
It is the only agency in America devoted exclusively to chainsaw art.
To date it has placed over 60 carvers at nearly 1000 events in almost every state in the U.S.,Canada and Japan.Additionally it has organized and operated 16 Chainsaw Carving competitions.
Masters of the Chainsaw is now fortunate enough to announce its operationd in Japan.As of April 2001,there is also a Masters of the Chainsaw Toei ,Japan.
There have been carvers exported to Japan to carve,as well as teach the art of chainsaw carving.
There have also been Masters imported to the USA to demonstrate and compete on the national level.
Masters of the Chainsaw members were also asked to be honorary judges in the first ever Japan Chainsaw Art Competition in 2002 and again in 2003.




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